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windows 8 - review

Windows 8 is the latest operating system to be released by Microsoft. It is the newest horse from the company’s stable to soon hit the world of computing. Windows is still one of the most popular operating systems used in desktops, laptops and other devices worldwide. It is therefore of no great surprise that the above launch is being awaited with the utmost trepidation by users worldwide to discover the features that have been added, improved upon or enhanced.  The development of Windows 8 commenced even before its predecessor, Windows 7, had been released in 2009. There are three release versions that Microsoft has launched the Consumer Preview, the Developer Preview and the latest Release Preview. The operating system moved out of the development phase and passed into the manufacturing phase some months earlier. It is soon to be available in the market.

Microsoft Windows 8 has been said to have radically changed its GUI over its older versions. A new design for the interface has been incorporated and a new design language is also said to have been used. There is also to be a brand new start screen to replace the trademark start menu that all prior Windows had. A major feature that has been added is the inclusion of an on line store to provide app support to the operating system. New applications can be obtained through this online store. The security too has been quite enhanced. The operating system has improved upon the security features. There is now a built in antivirus program incorporated that protects it from attacks by malicious software. A secure boot feature has been added on systems that possess UEFI firmware. The secure boot feature however needs the operating software to be digitally signed, thus minimizing the chances of piracy.

The new user interface implemented is entirely based on the Metro design language of Microsoft. The new start screen is similar to that used in windows phones. The start menu has been entirely replaced. The start screen is a happening area. It consists of customizable tiles that provide access to different applications and desktop programs. The live tiles provide constantly updated content and information. Multi-tasking is made much easier as the applications can be shifted to the side of the screen.

The charms bar, a vertical toolbar, has been introduced. It can be accessed by pointing the cursor to ‘hot spots’ in the right corner of the screen. The charms bar provides access to the different functions such as device management, search, sharing, settings etc.

The above discussion clearly shows that the new operating system from Windows has radically changed many aspects of computing, including the basic GUI interface of its predecessors. Other features too have been enhanced where possible. Windows 8 is said to prove less of a burden for the systems with the same hardware configuration. It is therefore conceivable that the users wanting to upgrade their operating systems may well do so with the minimum of upgrade in the hardware configuration.

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